We present our know-how.

We are not certified 'organic wines', but we have never used chemicals to clear our vineyards of weeds or even to fertilize the vines. It was at first a personal choice confirmed by years of expertise that has shown the effect of such products.

We believe that respecting the environment in which the vines grow allows the natural production of great fruits and in turn great wines. Our work then consists simply in making sure that the wine ages in the best conditions.

Our red wines are naturally fined, no filtration is being done and we make sure to keep the level of sulfur dioxide has low as possible, approximately half of the level authorized.

They are maturing for 18 months prior to bottling, fermenting with natural yeast. They age 6 months in cement tanks, followed by 12 months in oak barrels.

After bottling, they are kept underground in an old stone quarry, which provides a stable and peaceful environment for the remaining of the aging.


An orchard offering varied citrus fruits.

Our know-how