Located at the confluence of the Dordogne and the Garonne, the village of Bourg, a small river port, is hung on its limestone cliffs.

Come and discover the village of Bourg en Gironde. Located at the confluence of the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, in the heart of the Côtes de Bourg vineyards, the site offers great possibilities in peaceful and beautiful surroundings. Take a mall cruise on the waters of the Dordogne river with La Ginette panoramic boat while enjoying the 'Ginette Aperitif Tour'.

Also visit the beautiful sites nearby :

The Mill of Le Grand Puy in Lansac was recently restored. It is now operational and produces flour once again. Its location, up the hill, offers a great viewpoint.

The cave of Pair-non-Pair, located in Prignac and Marcamps, is one of the oldest decorated caves in the world, where you will enjoy exceptional engravings.

The Gironde Estuary, where the rivers Garonne and Dordogne meets, offers great walks and historic sites.

For city and architecture lovers, Bordeaux, also known as Port de la Lune, is only 30 kilometers. Come and admire its recently renovated facades of the quays. Downstream, the fortifications of Blaye will have you travel in the past.


We would like to introduce you our partners

Pays Haute-Gironde

Pays Haute-Gironde

Vineyards and wine cellars of the Bordeaux area are your guarantee of quality.

Some wine properties of Haute Gironde open their doors and invite you to become acquainted with their know-how and their products.

Adherents of the label - the Vineyards and wine cellars of Bordeaux area, the wine professionals desirous to offer you a high quality experience engage themselves to :

  • Receive you promptly in professional way
  • Carefully prepared presentation including the visit of the place where the wine is prepared and/or grown and the wine tasting in the real Bordeaux wine glasses, the wine served at the right temperature
  • The presentation is absolutely not dependent on the purchase of products
  • Respect all the obligations they accepted and to inform consumers about all conditions
  • Keep their property clean and comfortable
  • Inform the visitors about local attractive tourist places and offer them the materials about the wine and the tourism of Gironde
Hereafter you can also see the label of the organization France Tourisme that we joined some time ago due to the accommodations we offer.